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Team ZR

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Sophia Siegel

My name is Sophia Siegel and I am the CEO and co-founder of Zoa Rose as well as a student at Brown University. In addition to realizing there was a gap in the market for beautiful, elevated cannabis accessories, I chose to enter the cannabis industry because I want to illuminate the tie between cannabis and mental health and end the stigma around cannabis. As someone who uses cannabis as a tool to manage their anxiety, this is so important to me!

Rainey Johnson

My name is Rainey Johnson and I am a recent graduate of the University of Michigan. Originally from West Palm, Florida and the youngest of three girls, I am currently based in Los Angeles. As someone who is not extremely well versed in cannabis usage, I represent the community of learners supported by Zoa Rose who seek to join an inviting group and share knowledge on how to safely and effectively smoke together. I am so excited to be on this journey with you all.

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Finn Laskowski

I'm Finn Laskowski, a first generation, Puerto Rican Ivy League graduate. More importantly, I co founded Zoa Rose alongside Sophia and Rainey in order to make a real difference in the cannabis industry. As a sociology major, institutions and social forces have always piqued my interest because they tend to have real effects on people's lives. For instance, Black and Hispanic people are many times more likely to be incarcerated for cannabis related crimes. However, now that cannabis is being legalized, minorities are being excluded from the business opportunities produced by the very industry that once had them incarcerated. This isn't random and doesn't happen by luck; there are forces and institutions that perpetuate these patterns and life outcomes. Hence, we do our part to promote inclusion, as well as donate 10% of our revenue to the Last Prisoner Project whom I'm a huge fan of. They do great work in promoting proper legislation, working on cannabis reform, as well as lobbying for the release and expungement of existing prisoners. I hope you can join us as we try to make some changes long due in this industry.