Giving Back

At Zoa Rose, part of operating responsibly means giving back.

Zoa Rose is committed to ending the stigma around cannabis while confronting inequalities within the industry and beyond. A core principle of ours is to give back to organizations with this same goal. The brand’s first official collaboration in this capacity is with cannabis reform nonprofit organization, The Last Prisoner Project.

The Last Prisoner Project works to redress the harms of cannabis criminalization through legal intervention, education & criminal justice reform advocacy. The organization was founded in 2019, and unites a team of industry leaders, policy experts and renowned advocates with leaders in social justice and drug policy reform in a collective effort to address inequality and injustice, with an initial goal of freeing the estimated 40,000 people still imprisoned for cannabis charges in the United States.

Zoa Rose has committed to the following in support of LPP:
Give back 10% of the revenue/profit on each sale to The Last Prisoner Project.
Engage our community in education and activism regarding systemic racism and the War on Drugs.

We hope you’ll join us.