June 2021

June 2021

Welcome Zoa Rose Buds!

Hey Zoa Fam, we’re super excited to announce the launch of our Zoa Rose Newsletter! We’ll be publishing our newsletters bi-weekly which will be composed of product updates, holiday and event announcements, updates on recent cannabis legislation, product launch dates, rating and detailing our favorite cannabis brands, and pretty much everything you need to know about Cannabis and Zoa Rose. And pass the paper to your friends, sharing is caring!

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Father’s Day Announcement

Happy Father’s Day, Zoa Fam! We appreciate all of the efforts and sacrifices that fathers and father figures across the world make for us every day. And what better gift to help Pops relax on his special day than a beautiful assortment of all-natural Wild Forest Zoa Rose Cones? Both the Wild Forest Tin and the Wild Forest Bouquet make for meaningful and luxurious gestures of appreciation for the man that could probably use a smoke break. And for those Dads that don’t partake, check out our Sunshine Hoodies, they’re ultra-soft and ultra-cool. Perfect for that special Dad in your life. Thanks for everything, Dads!

Start Your Morning With Yoga Reform and legislation updates: New York

Most people know that weed is progressively becoming legal in much of the U.S., but it typically remains unclear about what exactly is allowed and what continues to be prohibited. In New York for instance, you can now have up to 5 pounds of marijuana safely stored at your residence. There had to be a few people in the city that felt the relief of proper cannabis legislation that day – 5 pounds is a rather generous domestic allowance if you’ve ever seen what 5 pounds of marijuana looks like (80 ounces of kush). That’s great news obviously, but residents cannot sell or buy marijuana legally for a couple of years to follow. New York residents cannot grow plants at home and while they can store up to 5 pounds at home, they can only possess 3 ounces for recreational use (so you don’t want to get caught with that pound on the subway). New York residents are also prohibited from smoking in cars and workplaces. Schools also maintain their authority over their student body, and so schools like Syracuse continue to ban the consumption and possession of marijuana. These restrictions remain in place, despite 91% of New York college students believing that pot should be legal in New York (according to The NewsHouse Cannabis Survey). As we all continue to navigate the local school, state, and federal legislation, we need to maintain awareness of the current restrictions and regulations that dictate our rights and preserve our freedoms. We care about our Zoa Fam!

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Kush Brand Rating: Runtz

One might wonder why certain other brands like Cookies or Trufflez wouldn’t be Zoa Rose’s first Kush Brand Rating recommendation – and fairly so. Cookies by Berner has been running the game since 2012 and has refined their branding and kush quality to an elite status. Technically Cookies owns Runtz, which is just a rare and potent strain by the Cookies Fam. Cookies and Truffelz are both familiar brands & industry leaders and I’ll continue to discuss their importance in the weeks following, but today I want to focus on Runtz.

As far as the actual review, the smoke does remind me of how other strains of Cookies burn. Denser, firmer nugs with a really furry trichome profile. Some strains of Runtz have a similar flavor to the name, for instance Grape Runtz tastes like berries, Cereal Runtz tastes like fruity pebbles and Gelato Runtz tastes sweet like sugar. Runtz is our favorite cannabis brand because of the effects of the smoke. This is the first kush where I’ve had to put the joint out 1/3 of the way through because it was hitting me back. This joint really had me thinking I was Elon Musk, 5 more hits and I would’ve figured out how to manipulate gravity. Absolutely different smoke – very potent and it burns clean with a great taste.

The Runtz brand has also had a huge impact in pop culture, in rap, in the exotic marijuana industry, and the broader cannabis culture as a whole. The cannabis brand has famously been co-signed by rappers like Moneyybagg Yo and Gunna. When you pull out a kevlar pack or jar of Runtz, it's a conversation starter -- someone is almost guaranteed to scope the exotic pack. It’s like pulling out a Cohiba, it's the finer things.
I would rate Runtz a perfect score of 5/5 roses.

I’ve awarded Runtz the perfect score because I truly can’t think of a flaw about their product. The kush smokes flavorfully, smoothly, burns white, has an amazing profile and a great high.

Zoa Product Updates: Sticker Competition

Zoa Rose recently launched a sticker campaign/competition coined #StickIt as a way to incorporate our favorite artists and creatives into the Zoa Rose community outreach. Some of our best friends here at Zoa Rose are amazing creatives at RISD & art schools across the country - and we understand the need for more institutional platforms that support and facilitate artistic expression. So we give all of our creative community -- from first time graphic designers to industry professionals -- the opportunity to submit renders of their best Zoa graphic designs every month. If we use your designs for our stickers, you’ll be featured on a signed limited edition Zoa Rose sticker pack that will be distributed for the following month nationwide. You’ll also be featured in all of our Zoa Rose social media content, and will receive a bunch of free Zoa Rose products. Even if you just have a few cool design ideas that have crossed your mind amidst a good sesh, we’re happy to recognize your art!

PLEASE NOTE: Designs are due by the 10th of every month

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New Launch: Zoa Rose Bouquet subscription Service

For those who need their ZoaEssentials more regularly, we suggest our Bouquet subscription -- a monthly refill for high quality ready to pack cones. Your Bouquet subscription includes 20 unbleached hemp paper ZoaMini Cones (70mm) in your choice of color, sent on time interval terms that work best for you. Think of it as an automatic reminder to sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Choose your cones in “Sunshine,” a vibrant yellow representing warmth and optimism, or “Wild Forest,” a creatively printed peaceful shade of green. Our Bouquet subscription allows you to sign up for a monthly purchase for $23 or twice-a-month purchase of our irresistible ready to fill cones for just $20, ensuring you’ve got your ZoaEssentials ready at hand whenever you need.

All subscriptions will include our monthly limited-edition sticker sheets featuring one-of-a-kind designs from members of the Zoa Rose community.

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Giveback Announcement

Zoa Rose is excited to announce that we will be donating 10% of all sales to the Last Prisoner Project. We’ve decided to partner with LPP because their agenda and messages correlate to exactly what we want to promote here at Zoa Rose – from cannabis reform to lobbying upcoming legislation and even to freeing the longest standing cannabis “offending” prisoner. The agenda at LPP is one we actively promote here at Zoa Rose, and we appreciate all of the hard work they do for the industry. Please feel free to read more about our affiliation below!
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Zoa Fam Feedback

If you have feedback about Zoa Rose products, website experience, newsletter content or any questions about anything Zoa related – please feel free to email Finn@zoarose.com !

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